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AIR/TAK HLD and SHLD Series Compressed Air Dryers deliver a continuous supply of dry compressed air to downstream point of use applications. These industrial duty dryer models have capacity ranges from 10 to over 6,250 SCFM and deliver a dew point of -40°F. Higher capacity models of the HLD Series feature adjustable electronic control system, high duty cycle process valves, and adjustable purge flow. Optional HLD-PAK Package versions include installed coalescing Prefilter with Automatic Drain Valve and Particulate Filter to protect downstream equipment.  SHLD Series feature are the perfect choice when smaller flow rates are needed or for point of use applications such as instrumentation, auto body work, painting or powder coating.  

Model: HLD Series 


Flow rate: 25 – 6,250 SCFM Pressure dew point to -40°F

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  • Automatic precision timing system with programmable solid-state controller

  • Optional Flex Power Purge System can save up to 80% of purge air

  • PAK versions include conveniently installed filters

Catalog available for HLD Series

Model: SHLD Series


 Flow rate: 10 - 50 SCFM Pressure dew point to -40°F


  • Operates automatically with precision timing system using a 2-minute cycle

  • Can be wall or base-mounted

  • Installation is quick and easy

Catalog available for SHLD Series

Model: MDH Series


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 Flow rate: 0.4 - 3.2 SCFM Pressure dew point to -40°F


  • Ultra-small desiccant compressed air dryer for low-flow applications or fractional HP air compressors

  • Small footprint for packaging inside equipment or at point-of-use

  • Power consumption is 6 watts or less

  • Two minute cycle reduces valve wear and desiccant shock

Catalog available for MDH Series