To maintain peak operation of compressed systems and protect downstream equipment, a dryer pre-filter and after-filter are recommended for removal of aerosols, oil vapors, and particulates that may be present.

The AIR/TAK F Series Compressed Air System Filters are available in line sizes up to 3” NPT threaded models.  Series FF ASME Flanged Filters are available in versions starting at 3”.

For further information on filters or for replacement elements, see AIR/TAK Compressed Air Filters Catalog.

Solenoid Drain Valve

Solenoid Drain Valves are simple to install and can be mounted in any  position.  These reliable drain valves are fully automatic and require no maintenance.  Their small compact design includes a rugged timer housing and brass valve body.  They use the latest electronic technology with LED operational status indicators and a manual test switch. 

Solenoid Drain Valve Slip Sheet  

Zero Loss Drain Valve

The Zero Loss Drain Valve uses state-of-the-art software and a special transducer interface to measure the level of condensate. A specially designed direct operating valve, with a large orifice to minimize blockage, provides continuous draining of the condensate. There is no fouling or clogging of the components, as there are no sensors, floats or other monitoring components inside the bowl. Self calibration and automatic reset protects the Zero Loss Drain Valve from voltage peaks or other electrical supply problems. 

 Zero Loss Drain Valve Slip Sheet

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AIR/TAK Compressed Air Dryers are designed to use a specific desiccant. When replacing, always use desiccant of the same size and type that was supplied with the dryer.  For more information, please contact AIR/TAK Customer Service at 724-297-3416.

Mist Eliminator

AIR/TAK Mist Eliminators are designed for removing large volumes of oil and oil aerosols with a pressure drop of 1 PSID or less.

Mist eliminator.JPG


  • Flows up to 12,400 SCFM
  • Standard maximum working pressure 165 psig at 100F
  • 1 PSID or less pressure drop
  • Sturdy welded steel design, built and stamped per ASME code


  • Petrochemical plants
  • Refineries
  • Oil & Gas Production
  • Steel and Metals
  • Power Generation and Utilities
  • Iron and steel production
  • Cement and dry materials processing
  • Chemical
  • Mining and Minerals

For more information, see AIR/TAK Mist Eliminator catalog