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Deliquescent compressed air dryers can be installed outdoors, offshore, in remote locations, in mobile installations or in virtually any location.  They do not require electricity for operation or have moving parts, making them easy to maintain and economical to use. In a deliquescent dryer, moist air (gas) is passed over a bed of Deli-Dry deliquescent tablets which absorb moisture vapor from the air (gas). The pressure dew point is suppressing by 20°F. As the tablets slowly dissolve, the condensation drops into the drain area, and drier air flows through the outlet into the system piping.

The AIR/TAK  DD Series Deliquescent Dryers can be installed in locations where electricity is unavailable.  They reduce dew points of compressed air by 20°F with a pressure drop of less than 1% of the operating pressure.


Model: DD Series Flow rate: 48 – 2,500 SCFM Pressure dew point to: 20°F Dew Point Suppression


  • No Electricity Required … low cost to operate
  • No moving parts …easy to maintain
  • Low pressure drop conserves air power

Catalog available for Deliquescent Compressed Air Dryers